Wednesday, May 11, 2011

poems and songs before 1993

Assorted high school poems pre-1993
(this is embarassing stuff. Of course one has to write terrible poetry/songs before one writes a good one. I was a pre-teen when I wrote most of these)

come to the temple
the inner sanctuary
come alone, come very far
along the dirt road
up the river that flows

I've come all the way
just to say
how could I live for nothing
don't let me go alone
I need you more than
what you could give
I intend to do with all
my heart
you make me crazy, baby

I’m not sure what I know
just let go
I'm walking in the rain
during a dark night
i go up the steps towards the red light
it hurts to let go
cause I love you so


jump a plunge
into the depths below
all it takes is another step
off the ledge we go
it's all so easy, so fragile
we weren’t born to go slow
if there's anything I can do
for you, the girl I love so
if it would mean death
I would do so

jump, jump, jump
jump jump jump
into the depths I go
I jump
I jump
I fall

be more sensitive to your woman (x2)
times will come when she will cry
so understand
the pain she's going through
and give her none of your
male pig blues
stop your male pig blues (2)
and buy your girl a ring
take her a ride
write a poem
that's really sweet
feel her neck
and give her a warm kiss

be more sensitive to your woman (2)
take care of her really good
cause her heart is easy to break
give her a ride to the lake
and put a flower in her hair
feel her neck
and give her wanton kiss

be more sensitive to yr woman (2)
I'm telling all you pigs
you gotta, you gotta
be more sensitive to yr woman (2)
love love love
live live live
long long long
give give give
kiss kiss kiss

sweet thoughts envelope me like a flower
dances in my mind, dances in my mind
an image of a woman with power
if she really exists, she's mine

I go insane- I find her
i try- I find

a blooming flower in the middle of the orchards
picked by my hand
she's a bloomin' woman
spring time hair and summer skin
autumn eyes and wintery lips
there's a time when you can't miss
havin' your mind consumed by a kiss

she has friends everywhere I go
she has ears softer than mink
I would like to know what she thinks
of her curious man, of her curious man
who went to take her to his band
and play music like no other man

write her some sweet poetry, sweet as her harpi' voice
take a smell of her hair
and the aroma will get yo stoned

Ill take her on a ride
to the babylonian lake
where all the lovers make
she's a bloomin woman (4)
my bloomin' woman
my wanton woman----------
they shout, the immobile ones
the tall pillars of stone
immaculate to all but one crone
a crone but beautiful of all
who for the sun shone

she leaps above the dusk
and ducks from the musk
of strange trust
of evil men

they swoon, the evil men
over the desirable crone
fit for the western king's throne
she devoids all
all but one
not evil but understanding
that good tidings
cannot be brought
by anyone's innermost thoughts

he sits atop a marble pillar
and looks at the desert croon
velvet pillows he'll never have
but will settle for her mettle
he speaks of the crone
the wanton woman

your soul trembles at the evil ones
the ancient ones
who travel down the path
to the king
I don't shoon
for the ones
who follow the moon

angelic girl
your wantonness
speaks immaculately
for the time being
of my self-consciousness
I enter the gates of my silvery sub-consciousness
your are in the forest
you are in the dreams
the stuff of legends
that grips my writhing heart
in yearning
even after years of learning
the lost love is burning
a deep hole
black and scorched
sunshine girl-----
let her hair roam free
I came to see
her beautiful self to be
I wanted to need

hello sunshine girl
watch the summer grow
I've always loved my girl
sunny, sunshine girl
Ive always loved my girl

amber hair, loving in demure
I've got no soul
if I lied about my girl
with the shining summer curls

just let me say, girl
please don't make me a fool
i just want you, girl
i'm gonna say this, girl
I love you, girl

please understand girl
i've got nobody else
've been waiting amongst
a legion of souls
and I find you girl
(1st verser repez0

Il die for you girl
no matter how hard I try
you might reject me, girl
interested in some other fool
please don't be shy, I'm no sly
please don't ask me why
its just cause the love
swells me up so
it's all Ill ever know
so love me so

sunshine girl 92)
shine for me girl 2
I love you girl 2
sunshine girl 2
the moon screeches at the devil's tide
the shores of inner sanctum
where the fools hide
follow the beacon
to the circles of stones
a crow pickin'
at the wanderer's bones
how can they swee
in the sanctuary bein' alone
don't they know
that they are free
and bein' alive
shrug off the fool's pride
and know that the crowds understand
how can you be
what you don't see
but being alive and free
let go of the chains
the legs that go lame
wear the wings
that make you sing
being alive and free
enter the blue edifice
the pillars of your thought
not once, but thrice
the tools of late relics
on fuzzy dice
hera you heart lie
think the thoughts
immaculate to yourself
and tune in the other side
the land beyond the borders
atop the blue edifice
the pillars of your subself
the insane flower that blooms
from the black soil of
your soul, the eyes of
the dark windows that reveal
nothing but fire
see the crowds roar
hear them chant
our name
and tell them
it's always the same
it's always this way
can't things change?

iv'e gotta change
my ways
gotta play a new game
achieve higher fame
I'm always the one to blame
and that's gonna change
I'm gonna be no slve
I'll stand up and be brave
withstands posedion's tidal wave
but that's the way I'm made
but I could change
lonely livin' lack of love lost
I want to love I
hey girl, it's all a lie
no matter what everyone says
it's nothing but false words
i'm still what you want me to be
don't be blind, try to see
the person I'm bein'.

I admit= I go crazy sometimes
but not as those false lies
just jokin' arond- you know me
cant you just see
the truth I'm bein'

Ive got nothin' to hide
nothin' to hide
nothing' to hide
nothin' to hide
nothin' to hide
just let it ride
I've gotta hear the music I play-----------
mirrors broken by the music
my ears tremble and bleed
to strain, to hear
the music I want to hear
the music I want to hear

i want to hear nothing
but the beat and the vocals
hear the music in your mind (2)
hear yourself scream
bite your tongue
lash out and yell
break the barrier
shout it out
let yourself go- aaaaaaah!

ride to the sanctuary
and say:
I've gotta hear
the music I play
noting tells me as much
that I could shrug
off the challenge
unless the beat shakes my mind
to say
I've gotta hear the music I play (4)
dances in my mind, dances in my mind (2)
she does nothing but dances in my mind
I cant get this woman out of m my mind
I'm goin' crazy, tryin' to find
this mysterious woman that captured my mind
I don't know if I've got time
I gotta live
and it should be with the woman
in my mind, in my mind (2)
can't you understand
that she won't go free
unless she becomes my woman
then I will be able to see
her true figure in human form
dances in my mind dances in my mind (2)
i'm wanderin'
findin' nothin'
i collapse at the sandy beach
the woman is out of reach
I awake
I find
the woman dancin' in my mind
dancin' in my mind, dancin' in my mind(2)
I finally find the woman
who dances in my mind
I'll be glad when this bullshit is finally over
doin' what I feel
lettin' the pain heal
if anything's real
gonna go riding alone
gonna go riding alone

let me be, I gotta think
over the mountains
a girlie- i love
I lied
I cry
gonna go riding alone (2)

oh help me save me
help me save me
Ive betrayed
we lied
I cry
gonna go riding alone (2)

lonely lashes (?) of lost love
I lied
I try
gonna go riding alone

understand me
free me
help me
I lie
I cry
gonnna go riding alone (2)

love me
kiss me
? me
I lied
I cried
gonnan go riding alone (2)

stay w/ me
be w? me
I lied
I cried
gonna go riding alone (2)

forgive me
save me
help me
I lied
I cried
gonna go riding alone (2)
she's a bloomin woman (2)
a mysterious woman
dancin' in my mind (4)

I've never met anyone like her
she dances in my mind
dancin' in my mind (2)
an insane flower bloomin'
in my mind

you gotta be more sensitive to yr woman
gotta, gotta be more sensitive to your woman (2)
and you' get her or shell''
dance in your mind
dance in your mind

she will make you go mad
she will make you go insane
she's a bloomin' woman
she's a bloomin' woman
be more sensitive to your woman
and you shall have her
in your arms
she's a bloomin' woman (4)
i've got nothing to hide
i've got nothing to hide
look inside me
and you'll only find
what you always
wanted me to be

forget those lies
and become mine
find the truth
or die
I've got nothin' to hide
if the lie is truth
I’ll die
screaming' in my mind!
possessed by a demon
I'm never myself
only you can
find the person
I'm really
(cuss words)
hey, woman of the nations
hey, woman of the nations
reekin' of adoration
I crawl in your lamentation
durin' my summer vacation

hey woman of the nations 2x
you’re' my temptation
puttin' me to elevation
findin' my levitation

hey woman of the nations 2x
let’s find some fun
under the summer sun
what's done is done
from now on it's just fun

hey woman of the nations 2x
woman of power
bloomin like an insane flower
under the springtime showers
i weep
I look at myself
i try
but I die

new monk man----------------------------
i look in the mirror
i see fear
of the future
I feel my skin shear
like a dog on a spear
I can't hear
my past is too tough
to bear

who am I? What am I doing?
who cares?
fuck it!
fuck everything!
forget the bullshit!

try to understand
that now is now
the past is noting
only new matters
try not to think of the past
and future
do what you can
to mend the pain
and move the legs
that go lame

I am what am
try to understand
I can change
I am anything

forget what you just heard
I'm gonna change
I'm gonna change
I'm gonna take a shower
with flowers
I'm no longer the same
i'm gonna try to stop
from going insane

It’s all bullshit
fuck everything
who cares
just forget it

comon man
I'm the new monk man (4)
changin my ways
just let me say
im a new monk man
and fuck you
if you forget that

a new monk man (7)
black moon-bloody sun
gotta gotta have fun
nothing left to do
come over, swollen bliss
enter from overturned
a mime lives
with a woman
mime is mime
woman cheats on mime
and mime is sad
and commits
and died
hey little fella-
I’ve got a story to tell
once upon a time
there was an old man atop the hill
he smelled this flower
and told her
to stay away from girls

and I said
fuck you, old man
you are a homosexual
stay away from me old man
I'd rather lick pussy
than suck dick

well, I left
and went to town
I stayed there all night
there was this girl
and into a room
and some fun
so old man,
you’re' wrong
let it slide-------
let it slide 2x
let it ride 2x
back in your arms, baby
back into your legs
let it slide let it ride 2x
it's midnight
havin' fun tonight
gonna come baby alright
let it slide let it ride 2x
get high 4
all-night 2
let it slide let it ride 2x
get high 4x
all-night 2x
back into your arms, baby
back into your legs
let it ride let it slide 2x
it's midnight
havin' fun tonight
gonna ome baby, alright
let it ride, let it slide 4x
someone called you a liar
no- it's fire
it's desire
not a liar
it's fire and desire
not a liar
it's fire and desire (all 2x)

o- dee-o-jay
hey I oookee a
hey, ooo ea
hey Im talking to you

hey, back to the roadhouse 2x
our life's been rough
silver skin snake
we thought we'd never make it
we thought we’d never take it
hey back to the roadhouse 2x
all the girls scream for you
screamin for your body
screaming for your behind
you lucky guy
other full o eyes ??
don't hide from shame
enjoy your fame
tae it hard
to it hard
go down
go up
you take it as a man 2x
you gotta your woman
think hard 2x
move hard 2x
endless fun 3x
back to the roadhouse 4x
you’re wrong----------------
you’re wrong
your'e all wrong
you’re thinking too fast, baby 2
think harder 2
take it the time it takes
to really know me
no ignorance
you used to like me
but for some reason
imp just another sex pot jerk
not oh no
that what shouldn't believe

I’m all hurt inside
imp all confused
I want you
I need you
I love you

you’re thinking wrong baby
you gotta think long baby
you’re wrong
you gotta stop what you’re believe in
you’re you’ll never find
such really nice guy
so long
I leave, to leave you think
and I’ll be back
another time
so long
so long
so long
so long
zip, zip, zipoooo- zip
oooo! aaaaa!
jack had a good suck
Jill gave to him
now she a good lick
jack and Jill went up the hill
and 69 each other
and then-
he buttfucked her
yodella yodeloo
yodelaaahy yodeloo
let's listen to my blues
oh forgive my bloody shoes
I’ve I made a mess
rivers run swift- money lift
yode- ay- yodeloo 2
white candy, iced lice o chack
chock o chock o cock
bromide block
acid lock
fuck o a good fuckyodela looo 2
the yellow sun beat upon the ground and scorched the
shrived corpses that lay upon it. death has come
to walk upon the earth and soil it.
there was a time in the beginning of the school year
when I was crazy and everyone used me
used me as a joke
I didn't care- I wanted everyone to think I
was cool- but they didn't
ignorant blogs stupid snobs
don't have a job
no money for parties
no stereos or a car
how did it go this far
to this meid year
wasting my autumn and winter
dates without a car
I lost to of my friends stealing
my best friends are jerks
gotta drink more
silver in the sky
tongues speak waggling green
dying for anew spring
atonaiton ceremony
gotta live in wondrous bliss
trying to read her lips
me and her goin ridding
gazing at the merry sky
under moonlit cafe
iced coffee and a smoke
run about, chivalry
honorable valor
mark woke up in bed. I'm awake but my eyes are closed. I cannot see the easels and brushes but I can feel the sheets and the pillows I am
trying to see I cannot see panic kicks in, I realize I am blind I scream, run from the sheets into the easels and brushes I nick my ankle
against a swirling orb sculpture
I can't believe we're actually alive in this universe
dutiless fervor
imagined languor
I stand picketed by the whole world
I am a myth, to me that's a tale very old
i live on top a mountain
we both form two seeing eyes
people climb up uncertain
winds pummel an churn em
chutes, pickly rose bush, close call
try to grab my hand before you fall
oral tale, literary epics- no
immortalized songs of the eyes.
not once, but twice
how many false smiles did you give today?
I’m trying to fall in love
but everything’s going the wrong way
I feel wary, I try to kiss
was it something I said
can feelings be renewed or long gone
or do we need time to think
for it seems were' holding back judgment
or being mislead
miscalculated emotions
error in communications
I’m scared of the dark silence
or intermingle chemistry w without a kiss
was there a thought I missed
a telltale sign I need to guess
do it!
go ahead!
I dare you!
do what you wanna do
I don't care just go ahead
no guts no glory
be free
if your free and you
do something
and took away someone’s
you drawn out yah
own jail
you gotta redefine
being free
did you sing while you were out waling in the forest?
the inhabitations were disturbed and the trees ruffled
were you being followed?
finally your eyes were laid to rest
when the trolled clubbed your head
knocked unconscious
gleaming fangs
' tongue lubricious
blood delicious
take a bite out my putrid flesh
take a bite out of my putrid flesh
and a sip of my cold blood
be careful not eat my eyes or my brain
just leave them out to melt in acid rain
just leave them out to melt in acid rain
leave my bones on the locomotive train
leave them to crack and splinter
on the locomotive train
with the rest of my remains
pour them in a well
so that they may poison the drinking water
now we may hear the trees
speak in the forest
high and proud, proud,
of the peace they so richly deserve
to end this story
let it be known upon to you
that it has a moral
when I look at the sun's hot face
I have to look away
when I look at your pretty face
I don't want to look away
I don’t want to be afraid

who needs to be in this love race
tired of losin' a afraid to show face
when we smile my fears are gone
but can we smile so long?

I like it when we mutually yawn
ears listen to imaginary Celtic songs
unless were' having a picnic at the farm
I just want to starve
oh no oh no ohno oh no oh no
I'm just goin insane
in my eyes I see you I’m sane
to this mad, mad, world I’m mad
it goes without saying that's ad
who need to listen to reason an logic
I like to laugh at everything tragic
at least it saves me from depression
call it a form of self0expression
love is a madness
mad, mad in this mad, mad world
it goes without saying that's aid
I'd like to tell you a story about my Nazi Granddaddy
built me tree house and taught me how to fly
made me give him a sponge bath for cookies
and that' where I saw his cannon tattoo
on his old shriveled penis
he lived n the farm, he says the manure
pile behind the barn
was where I was born
i didn't suck mommy's breast he said
I sucked the breast of an old goat

Oh what big eyes you have granddaddy (mosh chorus)
that’s for looking at pornography
oh what big teeth you have granddaddy
that’s for eating pussy
oh what big hairy palms you have granddaddy
that's from masturbating(end of mosh chorus)

Its' sure damn cold sleeping in he basement
thanks goodness I’m deaf or that rat’s noise
would wake me up from
trouble led sleep
framed portraits of Hitler and Charnels Manson
were relics of childhood memories
it hurts when he pees
so he makes me watch him
to make it easier for him
mosh chorus
She was a phantom of delight-------
one hot summer Sunday
on my way
at her feet I wanted to lay
she made me her suicide spy

she was a phantom of delight

don't get confused here
no, don't get confused girl
try to react to the way I act
comon baby it's alright
don't be afraid to spend the night

she was a phantom of delight (4x)

in the cloudy cool summer mountain breeze
the way I was behaving caused her to be laughing
melodious flower sweat warm soul Voke?: she smiles
and with my mischievous minstrel eyes
my voice wanes and flutters for her
spurts out a plundered "please"?

she was a phantom of delight 4x

my guess she lied but she didn't know
how to react
suspicious and funny was the way I act
Maryland, melodious voice
didn't know how to react
so I believed a fruit false limelight lie

she was a phantom of delight (4x)

phantom of delight 2x
try to end the endless night
woman of the watchman's light
woman of the never lands light
she was a girl from the dry cool air
girl from the abundant shore
try to end the endless night
try to end the endless night

she was a phantom of delight 4x
House of Sweat---------------------
blood and tears
your torn face
piss in the presence of bliss
now I’m being s
sick and mortified
gain pleasure from e sexual pain
mister rogers stuck
a monkey wrench from my eye
mister rogers tore
my skull from my face
mister roger banned me from the human race
he sent me
and other little children
to the house of sweat
house of sweat
house of sweat
let’s try to conform the sun-------------
let’s try to confrom the sun
'so that we may never see the one
or the tides that run

lets' try to conform the stars
and conform the sky
just don’t ask why

outon the fields, the snow fields
the little boy trampled about in his bare heels
didn't like the way he feels

out of the skies
the minds are falling
this is a dawn of a new era
it's time to accept this new age

hope we can remember the way it was
and hold it dear
above the rive
the water we hold so pure
sweet as we savor
waiting for our saviour
let’s try not to fall into the moor

let’s confirm the sun, les conform the sky
don’t ask me why
later you will remember
just hold it there
Sir Duncan was noble in battle
boasting of honorable deeds
his enemies heads rolled and rattled
all his foes should take heed
when at fray he cries:
you Born fools

daddy when you
come back or die on your shield (4x)

get me out of this monastery
me and lady Susie want to get married
yeah, out of your castle
yeah, out of your chapel
we're gonna live in foreign lands
forget being crusader
I said, were gonna live in foreign lands

maybe we’ll start our own sect
yeah go ahead and damn us to hell
forget worshipping your church icons
were heretics father
burn all heretics you said
force your religion on foreign lands
I’d rather fuck and fight
freedom i our paradise
is to use, that well take this risk
to be hunted like dogs, to be half-hanged,
slices before our faces, to be burnt alive
our heads chopped off and cut into
quarters so much as we
revel against paying for forgiveness
paying money for our sins to some false god
may we live off mother nature
and worship our own savior
the truth=======
I want to be sweet
i want to be gentle
I want to be kind
i do not want to e obnoxious
I do not want to be nasty
I do not want to be irritating
I want to be treated like a gentleman
I want to be hugged
I wanted to be trusted
caress the naked statue
the stone cold stone should feel something
purely sensual
and with care creep in the ancient library
in the entombed crypt
find pornography in calligraphy..

everybody should read the history of sex
including the karma sutra
learn more positions get more orgasms
get creative, make up some sexual fantasies
get perverse, and catch some disease

every king a bastard son but one
every birth a painful one
some offer offspring’s to the sun
because they just made love for fun

trapped in some sexual asylum
wondering how I must be touched
getting an orgasm in the most pleasurable way
wondering how others must be touched
getting an orgasm in the most pleasurable way

roman baths
ship loaded slaves
wandering knaves
whimpering babes
self-centered religion
misguided perception
hovels and harlots
brothels and hotels
tribal tradition
family intervention
wife trading
child selling
sinners stoning
unwanted boning

tastes great, less filling
sweet as honey, sour in the stomach
tastes great, les filling
tastes great, less filing
plastic Friday
plastic Friday
waiting for the end of the week
moonlit afterhours
and festivities friends
I hoped to seek
dying sunlight
won't you be my
love girl?

until dawn
I hoped
won't you be my
love girl?
wont you be my
on my plastic
on my plastic

the tables are drawn
the drinks are lined up
a thousand stars
a million whys...
plastic Friday
plastic Friday
lions tolled on this dirt
foaming, rising ashes
to dust..
serpent on the rise
serpents on the hunt..

mother liberty
screams with rage
opulent spheres
open my soul
to the wise..
knowledge fervent..
an enmity with the
subconscious man..
splendor riegns. asphalt dreams..
plastic Friday
plastic Friday

metal and stone
stone and metal
noble and bold
bold and noble
toil and tumble
stumble and boil
PSD= Pretty Brains
People who bullshit
Private Body Shop
Pet Boy
Peoples Brain Scan
Pretty Brains
when your fingers become callous
and your hair is stringy
tell what time it is
get up
exit sleep enter dreams
get down
enter dreams exit sleep
get up
get down
get up
get down
Sometimes I Go to the sea
and stand at the shore
where the waves and sand meet
and I’m standing, thinking
and I understand, though hard
under normal conditions..
and that's when I want
to try, to try to do something
for you..
but when I leave I miss
the sound of the surf and the
smell of the sea, I forget to
what I was going to do
if only you woudln't refuse...
lost in a dream
lost in a time
I’d rather be your king
Id rather be your lord
hark, to the newborn
hark to the spring
Sigmund Freud- I gott ask you a question
I think i am a garden snake
hanging by a branch on the olive tree
and being threatened by some red=breasted robin
is there something wrong with me?

i thought I was born in some cold iceberg
and I drifted to tropical paradise
the sun melted the ice
and some vacationing couple found me- is there something wrong with me?

I dream I was some sort of a driftwood
drifting across the deep dark sea
upon a tropical island I landed ‘and trees sprouted from me
is there something wrong with me?

I saw in my den is was snowing
and my lost mistrusted friend was standing
but he wasn’t really there
I heard some sort of creepy sounds
from some creepy movie
but it wasnt real
is there something wrong with me?

I flew with Icarus across the dark sea
I flew too close to the sun
and dealt with the unmerciful sea
and nothing happened to Icarus
is there something wrong with me?

I break my heart many times
by imagnined woman in imagined dreams
women of imagined beauty
whey do do this to me?
oh g Sigmund Freud
why do I do this to me
is there something wrong with me

my fate gave me to disaster
my fate gave me over to sorrow
my grief and a voice far
stronger with constraint
come circling around me

fore me disaster I had to set
for me there had to be sorrow

had to be
had to be

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