Sunday, June 27, 2010

abergeine (circa 2008)

Twilight frothing a pink
wraith that danced beneathd
disco ball mirrors
falling like withered petals
thrown from a
skeleton of a girl

it's a vampire ninja theme
at the Royal Hipster Shindig
of some Von Nimble
cool magistrate

thrusting, thrusting,
enchantress howls
from the sinking of suns
eyes of light
gleaming at her nakedness
stark wilderness
such is flirt,
knights on the prowl
knights that hunt (knights?)

hunting the snarling
meadows of orchids
bleak, the twilight's
glamdering sing song sword
is the kiss
peircing the night
blood of stars
weeping wilderness
in space
we on teh colored eye
that seeth and progresseth
the kisses, of skin to skin
of what are roses in
shining sorcereress kisses

each lock of hair turneth
a single color, as each
flower soon wither over

ah, they wish not
to be robbed?
let the sherrif of love
protect you
for his shruiken fly,
kisses for loves
and slaps for schemes
every flighty mischevious
escape, escape this dream
breath of mind, of life,
breath of being
give to live it's
princess dainty cupcake
twirling, frolicking
that with their paw-prints
give you a glitter

this blasting, an elder myth
echoing, echoing thick loud
in your skulls
the revelations of what
life was meant to be
lived, like a treasure
hunt in a labyrinth
more for the traps and
snares of your ear
for the bite, the
wrathful bite
is time taken away
stolen, for a cursing
and screaming thief
yet is silent, when he
robs screaming, yet not
heard, and thus..


ribald tales of Von Blochenfief
twaddling upsurps of the great
surge of twenty-thousandth moons
preening gnarly spats
adorning the winged flight
the ride
the ride
thus this tasting, tasting
a grand dessert
more floppish than the
nobelese teeny-bopper
escape the woes
phantoms that hide
the belongings of time

let each breath be
an inhalation of bouquets
an cotton-candy of a flower
a fine wine of kisses
eau deu chateau
sparkling mist shining
beneath elder elven
willows that hide nymphs
and satyrs
oh phantom
shining like ice cream
that brighens a girl's
day of sadness
stray, wild bunny,
why did you run away?
freaking, wild bunny,
why did you run away?

am I interrupting a book
as a character that doesn't
am I, a Mecha-Pilot
Aristocrat Royal Hero
in a land of boxed rooms, beehives
of sheltered wishes
hidng, scared,
afraid of demons
they are scared, pussies,
hiding beneath their desks
for they are scared
of the monsters
they don't have the knight's
balls to slay a demons?
they themselves, are
the monsters, scared
of monsters

oh say, ___________ fight,
__________ after us monsters
oh slay, the real
slay, the winged beast?
Such is my sing-song
humans weep, the cry
as they shed blood
for they are the seed of
the dragon

let us be knighted, and
slay the dragon
let us ride
let us ride
ride the ubermecha

oh mourning wise man
they proud and eloquent
soap box orations
we run to thee in need
in time of war
but we listen to what
monsieur moolah
says, green is the
forked tongue, a pitch-
fork on the butt.

oh, beared elder wise mentor,
thou now screameth:
why do we fight each other?
for we must slay the true
monster! we must slay
the dragon

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